Mohannad Arbaji

profileMohannad Arbaji attended Brown University on full scholarship where he obtained his B.A. Economics & B.Sc. Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering.

At Brown, Mohannad coauthored the world’s first triple-bottom line standard for oil & gas extraction, currently being implemented in numerous countries around the world; invented an affordable household device that converts solar, wind, and mechanical energy into AC electricity for household use; was the head Teaching Assistant for numerous university courses; wrote the world’s first SAT prep curriculum for non-native English speakers; and started an international test prep franchise.

Mohannad is a serial entrepreneur, where the last company he started was Chalk Talk Solutions. Chalk Talk makes a personalized learning software that helps K-12 students achieve higher standardized test scores, while simultaneously achieving higher GPAs in less time.

In addition to working in education, Mohannad worked in investment banking, consulting, and software engineering—both in the Middle East and in the US. Prior to working at LearnLaunch, Mohannad was a visiting Entrepreneur in Residence at Oasis 500 and a Mentor for Startup Weekend.