AAEAAQAAAAAAAAchAAAAJDJiY2UxZDk1LTE5YzYtNDAxNi05Y2Y1LWM4ZTU2YjkxNmE5NwAfter beginning his career as a Recruiter and Human Resources Generalist, Peter began focusing on driving culture change and increasing employee engagement in a wide variety of organizations, in both the business and not for profit worlds. He has worked on both sides of the organized labor/management table, built meaningful relationships among diverse constituents, and repeatedly bridged new guard/old guard gaps. He connects with entry-level student and lower-wage workers and establishes trust and credibility with all races, ages, and socio-economic backgrounds. Peter has a particular passion for helping organizations and leaders manage their people more effectively: fully leveraging their performers with the most potential; providing tools to turn around problem employees; and successfully separating employees who are not a good fit for the organization.