Joan Feinberg

I’m the former co-founder and long-time President of the most successful college publishing startup of the past 30 years, Bedford/St. Martin’s. Bedford is the leading humanities publisher in the Higher Education market with a consistent record of publishing innovative, successful print and digital products. I brought the company from a two-person startup to a successful $120M company. I then went on to become co-President of our parent company, Macmillan Higher Education, where I oversaw publishing programs in the Sciences and Social Sciences as well as in the Humanities. In my last job at Macmillan I was charged with creating a startup inside of Macmillan to imagine and develop the next generation of digital products for writing courses. In these roles, I oversaw almost every area of Higher Education publishing, including Product Development, Marketing, Sales, Technology, Production, and Finance and Administration. I combine the innovation, passion, and commitment of an entrepreneur and the business and management skills of an experienced leader.

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