PatrickSupancPatrick Supanc is currently President and Acting Head of Digital Learning for Pearson International. Recently, Patrick was the founder and President of Alleyoop, a new digital consumer college readiness start-up, incubated at Pearson. In 2012, Alleyoop was awarded “Best Technology” by the MassTLC. Prior to launching Alleyoop, Patrick led digital product management and strategy for Pearson’s School businesses. Patrick has also been a teacher in Indonesia, an education policy adviser at the World Bank and UN, and led K-12 market growth at Blackboard through its successful IPO. He holds degrees in public policy from Princeton and Harvard and was a Fulbright Scholar to Chile. Locally, Patrick is on the regional Board of the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship and serves on his local school council. He and his family live in Brookline, MA .

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