PeterDublinPresident and founder of Flink Learning and developer of its flagship application, FlinkMake, Peter Dublin has been chief executive of the company and its predecessor for the past 35 years. He is an experienced K-12 teacher, graduate school faculty member, curriculum developer, and faculty supervisor. Dr. Dublin has co-authored hundreds of textbook and educational software programs, including the best-selling Bank Street Writer. “Technology integration in schools should help teachers to create instructional software as easily as they now create printed worksheets,” explains Dr. Dublin. Flink Learning’s FlinkMake is a web application that enables teachers to create software in minutes for their students. School districts can inexpensively replace their existing off-the- shelf software with software activities matched to their state standards and the specific needs of their students. With FlinkMake, activities can be easily adapted to special needs, whether in a different language or geared to the learning ability of the student.

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