SharonKanSharon Kan is an entrepreneur and a seasoned operational executive. Sharon was a co-founder of Tikatok now part of Pearson. Tikatok was the fourth startup company that Sharon built from its foundation with a group from MIT University. Before Sharon co-founded Tikatok she was CEO of Zoomix that was acquired by Microsoft in 2008. Prior, Sharon was President North America of c-Ark that was acquired by SSA (now Infor). Prior to c-Ark, Sharon built Demantra Inc. that was acquired by Oracle in 2006. Sharon is currently Entrepreneur in Residence at Babson College; a mentor at The MIT Venture Mentoring Service and a member of the Advisory Board of Entrepreneurship at Simmons College School of Management. She has been a speaker at conferences and educational institutions on the subjects of entrepreneurship, innovation, and education. Sharon holds an Executive MBA from the University of Bradford in the UK, a BA degree in Business from the College of Management in Israel, and is a graduate of the French Culture program of the Sorbonne University in Paris, France.

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