While there is no right way to create an early-stage pitch deck, LearnLaunchX has created the following guidelines for entrepreneurs to better understand what we are looking for and how to avoid common mistakes when applying to our accelerator program.

Idea (1-2 slides)
Describe your big vision. This is your expanded one-liner.

The Team (1 slide)
Describe the management team including bios, division of responsibilities, advisors.

Current Problem (2-4 slides)
Describe the pain points for customers/consumers. What are the current solutions?

Solution (2-4 slides)
Describe your solution. Talk about your difference. How big is the market and what value are you creating?

Traction & Validation (2-4 slides)
Talk about metrics, product resonation, KPIs, and goals.

Future/Needs (1-2 slide)
What are you goals? What are your needs. Talk about product, performance, people, and finances.