LearnLaunch Accelerator Names Four Edtech Startups to its Inaugural Breakthrough Program

LearnLaunch Accelerator, a leading education technology startup program, today announced the four participants of its inaugural BREAKTHROUGH program, and its fifth cohort of companies. LearnLaunch Accelerator selects companies based on their potential to achieve scalable business models in the education sector, as well as their impact on society and the broader learning environment. The BREAKTHROUGH program is a shortened version of LearnLaunch’s traditional accelerator program and is geared towards more mature or international startups.

Sales as a Path to Product-Market Fit

It’s been said a thousand times: there is no shortage of ideas. I’ll go a step farther and say there’s not even a shortage of great ideas. There are, however, very few sellable ideas.

If yours isn’t a sellable product, you don’t have a company.

So, how do you figure out if you have something a market really wants?

Sell from day one.

Investors Speak: Looking for the White Space

At the LearnLaunch Across Boundaries Conference 2016 last month, the “Investors Speak: Looking for the White Space” panel explored which education pain points are attracting major investor attention and provided insight on trends that prominent investors are seeing in the various edtech marketplaces now.

The Funding Landscape for Edtech

At the LearnLaunch Across Boundaries Conference 2016 in January, a packed crowd explored trends in funding for early-stage through Series B edtech ventures. The panel session was moderated by Christopher Mirable, Co-Managing Director at Launchpad Venture Group, and included panelists Amit Patel of Owl Ventures, Martin Keck, Principal at Needham & Company, and Alan Maguire, Founding Partner at Vesari.

Bridging the Gap between #EdTech and the Classroom of the Future

After visiting @LearnLaunch and presenting at the #ClassroomoftheFuture Showcase, I am encouraged about the potential for education improvements but also alarmed at what seems to be missing from the EdTech conversation. Technology is moving in a direction where personalized learning and global education is a possibility, but public funding is not changing at the rate that it needs to in order to connect the EdTech Industry with public education and sustain that connection.

Boston Shined: My Impressions of Today’s LearnLaunch Conference

After day 1 of the LearnLaunch conference, I’m struck with the following thoughts: This year’s conference is even better than last year’s. With 850 people in attendance, the energy is palpable and the networking non-stop. There is a true sense of community and partnership. It’s not surprising that it sold out.

LearnLaunch and Versari Announce Global Partnership to Drive EdTech Innovation

LearnLaunch, a Boston-based organization dedicated to driving innovation and transforming learning, and Versari, a Dublin-based provider of scaling solutions for early stage learning technology companies, announced a collaboration to promote transatlantic innovation in the Education Technology sector. The partnership will utilize both organizations deep-rooted infrastructure and support systems, and aims to offer a compelling solution for learning technology entrepreneurs from initial inception to Series A stage of financing. It will include market services, geographic expansion opportunities, and network benefits for EdTech companies on both sides of the Atlantic.

LearnLaunch’s Inaugural BREAKTHROUGH Program Now Accepting Applications

LearnLaunch Accelerator, the leading education technology startup program, announced today that it is now accepting applications for its new BREAKTHROUGH program designed for edtech startups that have already achieved market entry, but need help creating and implementing scaling and funding strategies to support rapid growth. In its inaugural cohort, the LearnLaunch BREAKTHROUGH program provides a condensed version of LearnLaunch Accelerator’s traditional accelerator experience.

Change an adult, change the world

For the past 20 years, the percentage of the U.S. adult population that lacks basic literacy skills has not changed. Today, over 36 million adults in the United States read at or below a basic level. That’s about one out of every seven adults. These adult learners struggle to do many of the things a lot of us take for granted, like read prescription drug information, understand an employment agreement, vote in an election, or even read a bedtime story to their kids or help them with their homework.

Crowdfunding an Edtech Startup – Part 2

We’re just over two weeks into our #StoryShares Kickstarter campaign, and we’re pausing to reflect on our experience so far.

It has been a roller coaster ride!

We’re 52% to our goal, and we have a little less than $24,000 left to raise.

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