5 Steps Faculty are Taking to Increase Digital Teaching IQ

With the popularity of MOOCs, online degree programs, and new digital platforms for teaching and learning, it’s clear that higher ed is ripe for edtech innovation. On Tuesday, April 11, LearnLaunch brought together three higher ed faculty members for a community...

LearnLaunch @ SXSWedu 2017: Can Digital Tools Boost SEL?

Every year, the SXSWedu Conference in Austin, Texas draws in a large and diverse crowd of education stakeholders. This diversity is reflected in most of the panels at the conference, producing fascinating conversations through the blending of perspectives. “Can Digital Tools Boost SEL?” was a panel that presented at the conference in which various members of the edtech community were represented.

LearnLaunch Accelerator Alumni Update: Quill

The mission of former LearnLaunch accelerator company, Quill, is to provide free online tools to help the 30 million low-income K-12 students in the U.S. who struggle with writing. In addition to not having access to the best schools, their target students have most likely grown up in a digital world, which tends to encourage speed reading while hindering comprehension and attention to detail.

5 Q’s Featuring: Suzanne Klein, CEO of WriteSteps

WriteSteps is a standards-based, K-5, digital writing and grammar curriculum that helps teachers create skilled writers.  Built upon research tested best practices, its teacher-friendly lesson plans and digital writing platform support a variety of delivery methods....

LearnLaunch Accelerator Alumni Update: Cashtivity

The mission of Cashtivity is to create digital products that spark students’ entrepreneurial spirits and develop their mindset and skills for success. Since graduating from LearnLaunch, the team has successfully created a new product, Cashtivity for Math, based on the realization that their vision and platform needed to be laser-focused on mathematics first.

5 Q’s Featuring: Michele Courton Brown, CEO of Quality Interactions

Founded by nationally recognized experts on health disparities and run by Michele Courton Brown, Quality Interactions’ e-learning courses train healthcare professionals to communicate with and care for diverse patient populations to improve patient experience, improve health outcomes and financial results.

Passion for the Product: A CEO and Five Promising Startups

Michael Hansen, CEO of Cengage, presented a message for his audience of investors, founders and entrepreneurs at his Across Boundaries Conference keynote —find a “clear, simple guiding light” that will drive your company.

Breakthrough Cohort Feature: CareAcademy

CareAcademy, Co-Founded by Helen Adeosun, educates caregivers to provide excellent care. Steve Shapiro, the lead Venture Partner for CareAcademy said, “I was drawn to CareAcademy first because I see it as solving a huge problem, as the largest single job in America is home health assistant and supplying and training this huge pool of candidates is critical for the stability of millions of families across the country. I was very enamored with the two entrepreneurs, Helen and Madhuri, and believe they have the conviction and perseverance to be successful.” Steve plans to use his experience negotiating contracts with large strategic partners to help CareAcademy scale quickly.

LearnLaunch Accelerator Alumni Update: Sutori

HSTRY, originally marketed as an education tool for recounting major events in a more engaging and interactive way, has recently rewritten its own history by rebranding as Sutori. Sutori—a play on the Japanese word for story—more accurately presents the scope of their tool, which is not just a timeline generator but a free storytelling app that supports all media and is shared easily via email or social media.

Breakthrough Cohort Feature: CourseStorm

CourseStorm, co-founded by Brian Rahill & Matt James, provides simple online registration and marketing software for education providers to publish their class catalog online, process registrations, and spread the word about their offerings.

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