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ETS® and LearnLaunch Accelerator are joining forces. Together they represent nearly 80 years of expertise and industry leading work in education with ETS setting the standard for research and assessment and LearnLaunch Accelerator, the premier go-to-market advisors for early stage companies.

This new partnership ushers in the future of edtech programs for companies who need go-to-market expertise and educational research. Utilizing intensive human capital, milestone-driven strategies, research design and an unprecedented level of in kind services, companies will exit the program ready to enter the market and deliver effective learning outcomes.


ETS Accelerate Cohort 1 is a three-month program designed to help early stage edtech entrepreneurs begin the foundational work of finding product-market fit. Founders participate in a residential program where they are immersed in a community of like-minded professionals, experts, and resources.

This program is theme-based. We’re looking for companies tackling the following challenges:

Reminder that applications have closed for the first ETS Accelerate program.

Skills for a New Economy

By 2030, due to economic and technology changes, up to 1/3 of the US workforce will need to switch occupational categories. Students and workers will need 21st century skills that are hard to automate, and in gaining these, limit further income polarization.  Looking for companies who can help bridge the gap to employment, all with a focus on the US, by helping:

  • education providers teach and assess learners for key competencies of the future
  • employers recruit and develop employees
  • job seekers demonstrate their skill set


The need for these new skills will impact

  • Potential employees
  • Educational institutions
  • Associations
  • Employers

Early stage companies who are passionate and can aid in addressing these skills gaps through a variety of cognitive and non-cognitive methods and experiences are needed.   We seek to invest in and support companies that are helping to connect the dots between individuals (students or employees), institutions of learning, and employers to make gaining and using Skills for a New Economy work.

English Language Learning

Over half of the 1.5B secondary language learners worldwide are English language learners. Yet many students don’t reach the language proficiency required for social mobility and learning opportunities.  There are gaps in meeting learner’s needs for all four language skills-reading, writing, listening, and speaking-but speaking is the most acute.

New approaches such as competency-based learning, adaptive learning, AI, gamification, AR/VR, and integrated learning environments show promise in improving learning for all ages.   We seek to invest in and support companies that can be part of an integrated, effective, and more complete ecosystem.



1. Pre-revenue/Early revenue

2. Product in the market with foundational product-market fit research.

3. Diverse founding team (in terms of skills and backgrounds)

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Deep dive to better understand your business and your needs, start introducing you to our mentor and partner network, and create a personalized program plan.

On-Site Program

Meet regularly with your mentors and Program Team, take part in intensive workshops, define milestones, and connect with partners and other strategic support.

First Month

During the first month we’ll work with you to test key assumptions and develop individual work plans to attain your strategic goals. To do this, founders will work with their mentors, partners, and Program Team.

Location: Boston

Second Month

During the second month, founders will focus on meeting their Program Teams at ETS, identifying focus areas, and figuring out how to best leverage their various resources.

Location: Princeton

Third Month

In the third month, founders develop a milestone-driven plan of action for after the accelerator, including sales, product, team, fundraising, and more.

Location: Remote


Focus on putting the things you learned and the relationships you made to work. This means connecting with investors, identifying key hires, forging strategic relationships, and more.


We deliver an industry-leading set of supports to each portfolio company, built by industry experts through years of iteration, across 9 cohorts.

Program Plan and Curriculum

The program consists of three phases.

1. Pre-Program
Focused on deep diving into your company, connecting you with your Program Team, and beginning to build milestones.

2. Residential Program
Focused on meeting mentors and strategic partners, attending curated curriculum, and beginning to define strategic, personalized milestones.

3. Post-Program
Focused on continuing work with mentors, Program Team, and partners, working toward milestones with the help of your advisors, and connecting with additional mentors.

Companies take part in foundational and edtech-focused curriculum tailored to specific company needs.

  • Over 25 detailed courses already developed and tailored to your needs
  • A workplace with 35+ edtech entrepreneurs in a co-working space attracting edtech leaders, investors and events

Milestone-Based Funding

All companies that participate in the first Cohort of the ETS Accelerator Program receive a 20k (for 6% Common Stock) investment. Companies also take part in company-specific, growth-based milestones that after 6 months, are evaluated and determine a follow on investment of up to 50k (Preferred Stock).

  • Milestones are designed for sustainability and impact
  • Focused on collecting impact & financial metrics to match next funders interests
  • Milestone design negotiated to help company become more fundable

Human Capital

Companies leverage Human Capital as one of their greatest resources through the LearnLaunch Accelerator Program.

Program Team

  • Each company works with a Program Team to help develop their 6 month strategy and identify how to leverage the program’s network and support to the best of their ability. Your Program Team is made up edtech industry experts and are paired with companies based on need/expertise match.


  • Companies work with 3-5 mentors during and beyond the program on everything from sales to marketing and product to fundraising. Mentors are hand picked by our team and are experts in their field with a focus or passion for edtech. Through a series of 1×1 meetings, presentations, and events, companies meet mentors and work with their Program Team to best leverage each mentor.


  • All LearnLaunch Accelerator portfolio companies have access to each other. This network of peer to peer mentors is often the strongest resources companies have as they navigate the founding process and acute challenges in the edtech market.


More specifically, companies get:

  • Access to Industry Experts 
  • Deep experience in all aspects of education innovation (Early Ed, K-12, Higher Ed, Workforce Edtech)
  • A strong strategic partner network and follow on funders
  • An unmatched team of mentors with deep domain experience & strategic relationships

– PLUS –

In Kind Services
  • In Kind Services provided by ETS to advance your business (capabilities, assessments, grant seeking services, mentors, etc.)
  • A dedicated ETS team assigned to each cohort to find potential business development opportunities for each company

Expertise & Market Exposure

In addition to the go-to-market mentors, partners, and advisors you have access to through the LearnLaunch Accelerator network, participants will have direct access to ETS teams, experts, and resources.

  • Onsite mentorship – access to ETS Headquarters for 2-3 weeks of onsite workshops, mentoring & networking with the largest privately held research organization
  • Access to world class educational researchers and education expertise
  • On site ETS Pitch Day – In addition to the traditional pitch day, the cohort will have the opportunity to pitch their business directly to innovation & executive leaders at ETS fostering business development opportunities.



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