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LearnLaunch Accelerator is the leading early stage edtech startup accelerator. Using our unique mix of milestone-based investment, 1x1 Venture Partner support, and deep set of mentors, we work with impact-driven entrepreneurs on achieving product-market fit and developing scaling strategies. Our relationship-driven approach supports funding, partnerships and growth for the long-term.

A New LearnLaunch Program

Boost PLUS is an advanced spin on our traditional Boost Accelerator, featuring a 12-week program designed for early-revenue stage companies to produce mature edtech companies who know their market and the value they provide to their customers. Request a webinar recording or sign up for an informational webinar to learn more.

Program Details

We’re looking for companies with…
    1. working product informed by foundational product market fit research
    2. revenue to signal ‘proof of concept’ and customer buy-in
    3. diverse founding team (in terms of skills and backgrounds)
    4. companies that need support in speeding up the market entry process.

    • Cohort: 6-10 Companies
    • Investment: Up to $100k



Deep dive to better understand your business and needs, start introducing you to our mentor and partner network, and create a personalized program plan.

On-Site Program

Meet regularly with your mentors and lead Venture Partner(s), take part in intensive workshops, define milestones, and connect with partners and other strategic support.

First Month

We’ll work with you to test key assumptions and develop staged, individual work plans to attain your strategic goals.

Second Month

Founders will work with their mentors on specific challenges like customer interaction, sales and marketing, and product development.

Third Month

Founders develop a milestone-driven plan of action for after the accelerator, including sales, product, team, fundraising, and more.


Focus on putting the things you learned into action, leveraging the relationships you made, and working toward the milestones you set. This means connecting with investors, identifying key hires, forging strategic relationships, and more. This is also where you can apply for our second tranche of funding.


We have worked with 66 edtech companies and have robust techniques and methods of working with a broad range of edtech companies from that experience. More importantly, our family of alums are a strong support network of peers who have gone through, are going through, and will go through the same challenges as you.

* See our full portfolio here.


Phased Program Plan

Personalized Milestones

Human Capital

Tailored Curriculum


Specialized Resources



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