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LearnLaunch Accelerator is the leading early stage edtech startup accelerator.

Using our unique mix of milestone-based funding, 1x1 Venture Partner support, and deep set of mentors, we work with impact-driven entrepreneurs on achieving product-market fit and developing scaling strategies. Our relationship-driven approach supports funding, partnerships and growth for the long-term.


When evaluating Breakthrough-level companies we look for…

1. Revenue Stage (ideally 250k in Annual Revenue)

2. Experienced & Complete Team (core operations team and hiring plan)

3. Significant Runway (at least 6 months of runway)


Breakthrough is designed for edtech companies with proven product-market fit and repeatable revenue. Expect a highly personalized program, tailored to your company’s needs, and make the next leap in your business with us.


For selected companies, we do intensive pre-work before you arrive so that we can jump right into the program while you’re in person. During the pre-accelerator phase of the program, we will do a deep dive and start introducing you to our mentor and partner network and will create a personalized plan for your company.

On-Site Program

During the program, you will meet regularly with your mentors and lead Venture Partner to make sure you are hitting your goals and milestones.

In addition to the resources and connections mentioned above, LearnLaunch Accelerator provides intensive company-specific workshops in areas such as business model optimization, finance, and product roadmapping.


After the on-site portion of the program, you will focus your energy putting the things you learned and the relationships you made to work, many of which will be guided by the milestones you define during the program. This means investor relations, identifying key hires, strategic relationships, and customers. You will also begin to refine your investor deck in preparation for Demo Day.


We deliver an industry-leading set of supports to each portfolio company, built by industry experts through years of iteration, across 9 cohorts.

Program Plan and Curriculum

The program consists of three phases.

1. Pre-Program
Focused on deep diving into your company, connecting you with your Venture Partners, and beginning to build milestones.

2. Residential Program
Focused on meeting mentors and strategic partners, attending curated curriculum, and beginning to define strategic, personalized milestones.

3. Post-Program
Focused on continuing work with mentors, Venture Partners, and partners, working toward milestones with the help of your advisors, and connecting with other resources.

Companies take part in foundational and edtech-focused curriculum tailored to specific needs.

  • Over 25 detailed courses already developed and tailored to your needs
  • A workplace with 35+ edtech entrepreneurs in a co-working space attracting edtech leaders, investors and events

Milestone-Based Funding

All companies that participate in the Boost Program receive a 20k (6%, Common Stock) investment. Companies also take part in company-specific, growth-based milestones that after 6 months, are evaluated and determine a follow on investment of up to 50k (Preferred Stock).

  • Milestones are designed for sustainability and impact
  • Focused on collecting impact & financial metrics to match next funders interests
  • Milestone design negotiated to help company become more fundable

Human Capital

Companies leverage Human Capital as one of their greatest resources through the LearnLaunch Accelerator Program.


Venture Partners

  • Each company works with a Venture Partner (or two) to help develop their 6 month strategy and identify how to leverage the program’s network and support to the best of their ability. Venture Partners are edtech industry experts and are paired with companies based on need/expertise match.



  • Companies work with 3-5 mentors during and beyond the program on everything from sales to marketing and product to fundraising. Mentors are hand picked by our team and are experts in their field with a focus or passion for edtech. Through a series of 1×1 meetings, presentations, and events, companies meet mentors and work with their Venture Partners to best leverage each mentor.



  • All LearnLaunch Accelerator portfolio companies have access to each other. This network of peer to peer mentors is often the strongest resources companies have as they navigate the founding process and acute challenges in the edtech market.

More specifically, companies get:

  • Access to 7 Industry Expert Venture Partners
  • Deep experience in all aspects of education innovation (Early Ed, K-12, Higher Ed, Workforce Edtech)
  • A strong strategic partner network and follow on funders
  • An unmatched team of mentors with deep domain experience & strategic relationships


* See our full portfolio here.



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