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LearnLaunch Accelerator provides the most promising education technology startups worldwide with all the tools necessary to grow a successful edtech startup.

As the topic of racial injustice has come to the forefront of the American conscious, LearnLaunch Accelerator wants to emphasize that Black Lives Matter. Press the button to read our full statement.



LearnLaunch Accelerator provides two programs. Boost, for early-stage edtech startups and Breakthrough, for later-stage edtech startups.


LearnLaunch Accelerator portfolio companies have unique access to lifelong advisory services, an unparalleled founder community, and follow on investment expertise and connections.


The LearnLaunch Family includes the LearnLaunch Institute (501c3 non profit) and Campus (co-working space), as well as partners and friends around the world.


The State of Workforce Edtech

A Look at Funding & Innovation in Modern Workforce Education

Press the button to view our Medium article about our next cohort which will run now through the end of the Summer.

We’re thrilled to announce our newest cohort for the BoostPLUS program. We introduced five companies into our portfolio: Immersed Games, Jobspeaker, Peerceptiv, Riff Analytics, and

Unruly Studios

LearnLaunch was a crucial part of Unruly’s history. They helped us grow our early team and pushed us to get key results that helped us raise our first round of funding.

Bryanne Leeming


When we sat down to address where we saw ourselves doing the most growing, LearnLaunch came to mind. Many programs are iterative nature but then you leave. At this point we know we want to build a company that lasts and has an impact and I think LearnLaunch shares that sentiment.

Helen Adeosun


I have been coming to LearnLaunch for over 3 years now – and it has always been something that I have been following. LearnLaunch is a place that nurtures great EdTech companies. I believe if an idea has legitimacy – the idea is going to happen here at LearnLaunch.

Sol Menashi

Quality Interactions

We got some real knowledge from LearnLaunch Accelerator about best practices with learning management systems, pitching, and VC landscape. As an under resourced company we can spend precious resources in the wrong way trying to figure out where our people are.

Michele Courton Brown


LearnLaunch is clearly the hub for the edtech community here in Boston and we’re a local company so it’s important for us to be part of that.

Kin Lo

Curio Learning

We chose LearnLaunch because of its reputation and network. As a recent classroom educator, I myself have used some of the products that have come from LearnLaunch companies, and there is a notable difference. Now that I’m in the program, I understand why: Because LearnLaunch makes it about people first. It’s something I can feel as a program participant and I know as an educator on the ground too. We are honored and humbled to be part of LearnLaunch.

Ashley Lamb-Sinclair



281 Summer Street, 2nd Floor Boston, MA 02210