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Learn more about EdInno, the learning community for early stage edtech innovators. The waitlist is open and we’ll be welcoming edtech startups into the community throughout Spring 2021.

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LearnLaunch Accelerator is the leading edtech startup program and network in the US.

Announcement About EdInno

EdInno is an open learning community of action and supports emerging edtech innovators with mentorship, curriculum, and resources. Currently in Beta, EdInno will become open and available to early stage edtech startups Spring 2021.

Join to:
Build and grow your edtech business, connect with edtech experts, learn from leading minds in education, and expand your network.



LearnLaunch Accelerator provides two programs. Boost, for early-stage edtech startups and Breakthrough, for later-stage edtech startups. Learn more here.


LearnLaunch Accelerator portfolio companies have unique access to lifelong advisory services, an unparalleled founder community, and follow on investment expertise and connections.


“Where They Are Now” Boost Alumni

It has been six months since the 2018 Boost program ended. These alums have reached and even surpassed milestones since the program. We are very proud of the momentous progress that they have made and want to congratulate them. Let’s catch up with some of our alumni and see what they have been up to!

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