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2019 Breakthrough Portfolio

CognaLearn, Indigo, InScribe, and Skillist participated in our 2019 Breakthrough Program. The program focuses on personalized scaling strategies for revenue-stage edtech startups. Learn more about each company below.

CognaLearn’s cloud-based Intedashboard is the most widely used software platform created exclusively for physical and online team-based learning classrooms.

Learn more here.

Indigo improves engagement, retention, and career readiness for K-12 & Higher Ed with an actionable SEL dashboard of personal skills, traits, and motivators for teachers, staff, students & parents.

Learn more here.

InScribe is an intelligent Q&A platform that leverages the power of community + AI to connect learners with the answers, resources, and individuals they need to succeed.

Learn more here.

Skillist is a skill-based job application platform that enables employers to hire the best candidates, regardless of educational background or pedigree.

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