Kaymbu is the leading visual messaging and authentic assessment platform for early education. From photo sharing to student portfolios, school newsletters and dynamic photo books, Kaymbu connects early childhood educators with young, digital-native parents. “We will be working specifically on refining the team’s go to market strategy and product market fit to extend beyond early childhood,” said LearnLaunch Partner Asad Butt. Kin has built a first-class team that is laser-focused on creating solutions for parent engagement and connectivity. Kaymbu is set to have tremendous growth in 2017 and we are looking forward to helping them reach and exceed their goals.”

Key Success Metrics

  • Paid install base 600 schools in 48 states across country
  • 30-40K students enrolled in system now


The following is the transcript from a conversation with Kin Lo, Founder & CEO of Kaymbu. 

Why did you found your company? It was when my daughter started preschool. I quickly realized that it was very important for these schools to communicate with their families about what was happening in the school. For a couple of reasons, for one, kids at this age can’t communicate on their own and second, by virtue of it being predominantly a private marketplace, these schools very much look at their families as customers.


Most memorable moment on your entrepreneurship journey? You never know what’s going to happen or what’s around the corner. Higher moments, closing your first customers and deals, realizing you have product market fit and that people will pay for the things you’re building but on the flip side, to always being worried about running out of money and being in peril the next month or losing key people on your team and having to adapt.


Biggest challenge to date? Our market has been historically green where there hasn’t been a lot of activity, technology or other products yet. Our team can execute on anything we put our minds to so it’s critical that we put our minds to the right thing like, product and sales but specifically product. I’m a firm believer in choosing the one thing you do and do it really well.


Why LearnLaunch? LearnLaunch is clearly the hub for the edtech community here in Boston and we’re a local company so it’s important for us to be part of that.


Look forward to a year from now, what are some of your biggest successes in ‘17? We feel like we’re building a very special, differentiated and unique product. There are other things that look and feel similar but given the natien nature of the market there’s a lot of confusion about what products do and what products don’t do and how products differentiate. Looking ahead a year, we’ll be very successful if we clearly differentiate ourselves on what our product does and how we’re the very best in class at this particular category of visual messaging and observation.


Want to get in touch with Kin? Send him an email: klo@kaymbu.com