Why We Work for Equal Inclusion and Anti-Bias in Education:


Black Lives Matter.

As we reflect upon this time of just national outrage, LearnLaunch Accelerator feels it necessary to condemn acts of violence and aggression perpetrated against black people.

We know that for an individual and their family, education is the most powerful lever
to move toward equal access to opportunity, inclusion, and justice. But we also know that education by itself is not enough. If black students are condemned to an achievement gap from an early age, then remedies will fail.

Education must be accompanied by systemic change in our society. But meaningful
change requires an examination of race, equity, justice, and of our own organizational practices. If we are to be an ally in fostering change we also must continue to challenge our own biases. We commit to using our organizational positions, privilege, and power while engaging in an open dialogue, to work for racial justice and equity in our organization and our nation.

The LearnLaunch Accelerator Team