Humayun Nosheerwan

Humayun Nosheerwan is an international development professional, social entrepreneur, marketing and PR professional, social media activist, photographer, and artist. He has more than 8 years of dynamic work experience of handling different aspects related to nonprofit organizations and corporate sector.

He holds a Master of Philosophy degree in International Development Studies from IQRA University, Islamabad and a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with specialization in Marketing from International Islamic University, Islamabad. After graduating with a university degree in Business Management, Humayun co-founded and launched 5 business start-ups, in addition to several small-scale social entrepreneurship projects.

Since early 2016, he has played a leadership role in Javan Jazba Foundation (JJF), a youth-led and youth-focused community based organization dedicated to creating a fairer and more empowered society. Javan Jazba, translated to”Passion of the Youth”, currently has more than 100 trained volunteers working with donors, partners, and elders of the local community to promote micro social entrepreneurship initiatives for youth empowerment.

Apart from that, Humayun has multiple years of experience of working directly and raising awareness about some of the most critical and important issues facing Pakistan today, such as youth development, education, environment/ecology, economic development, and the role of art/music in promoting peace and understanding.

Humayun is passionate to use his academic knowledge and work experience of business enterprise and nonprofit sector to promote social entrepreneurship in Pakistan and help bring a radical change in the country.