New Program Targets Pre-Series A and International Education Technology Startups

LearnLaunch Accelerator, the leading education technology startup program, announced today that it is now accepting applications for its new BREAKTHROUGH program designed for edtech startups that have already achieved market entry, but need help creating and implementing scaling and funding strategies to support rapid growth. In its inaugural cohort, the LearnLaunch BREAKTHROUGH program provides a condensed version of LearnLaunch Accelerator’s traditional accelerator experience.

After a highly selective process, up to six edtech startups will be chosen to participate in BREAKTHROUGH’s split remote and on-site program. Structured to provide guidance specific to the needs of participating companies, BREAKTHROUGH is designed to accomplish its goals in a condensed and intensive timeframe compared to its traditional accelerator program. Participants have access to over 100 LearnLaunch mentors that are influencers and thought leaders from the business, government, and education sectors as well as members of the investment community. Applications will be accepted until 5 p.m. EST on January 31, 2016.

“As we prepare for the next iteration of our Accelerator program at the end of next summer, we are experimenting with a variety of solutions to meet the needs of edtech entrepreneurs,” noted LearnLaunch partner Jean Hammond. “BREAKTHROUGH is the perfect fit for those in the thick of running a business but also needing to think about fundraising, partnerships, and other strategies for longer-term growth. We can get a lot done without being a big distraction.”

The inaugural BREAKTHROUGH program will start in April 2016 and continue through the beginning of June 2016. LearnLaunch Accelerator is looking for companies with unique, disruptive, scalable businesses with a high potential for growth, a large impact on education, and an experienced founding team. To learn more or to apply, please visit

“The BREAKTHROUGH program adds to our expanding arsenal of products that we offer the edtech entrepreneur,” said LearnLaunch’s Managing Director Liam Pisano. “It also allows our team to look to international markets to build a pipeline, as we provide a tailor-made landing spot for edtech companies looking to establish a US presence.”

Launched in 2013, the LearnLaunch Accelerator program has invested in 26 companies in the education technology sector; today over one million students, teachers and alumni are using their products. Alumni include Listen Current, eduCanon, CueThink, Hstry, uConnect, Authess and Knowledge to Practice. The companies range from identity management to authentic assessment, medical recertification to 3D toys, grammar apps to tools for special education, and much more. You can find out additional information about the LearnLaunch Accelerator portfolio of startups here.