The Boost program represents a collection of nine edtech companies working on products across boundaries, leveraging global trends and solving education challenges within subcategories such as personalized learning, mobile and live streaming.

The Boost cohort has become an integral part of LearnLaunch, meeting with dozens of mentors, attending classes and exploring relationships with potential partners. As a result, these companies have become immersed in a community of like-minded individuals.  

In an effort to better understand each company, we sat down with the founder and asked: 1) “Why LearnLaunch”  2) What the mission of the company is  3)  One thing that surprised them [the founder] about LearnLaunch.



We joined LearnLaunch to have the chance to meet Edtech industry leaders and learn what it will take to both build a great product , but also a great company. The number of talented and experienced people available to help has been an invaluable resource. It’s been a challenge not to be overwhelmed by all the opportunities offered here as we promote our mission to: empower students to learn math, engineering and coding skills by creating their own 3D designs & prints.

Description by Sol Menashi, Co-Founder & CEO of BlocksCAD:



We want to transform the way students, teachers, and librarians get access to quality digital resources. The research shows that students learn more with resources that are personalized to their reading level and interests. We want to help save time and expense when it comes to finding these resources. We built our NSF funded student search engine solution using artificial intelligence that came out of the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education. We are enjoying the supportive, welcoming, and diverse culture at LearnLaunch. We are excited about meeting educational and business advisors who can help us get the word out. It is inspiring to be part of an environment where everyone wants each other to succeed and bring about positive educational change.

Description by Eleni Miltsasaki, Founder & CEO of Choosito:



We joined LearnLaunch for it’s rich ecosystem of venture partners, mentors, curriculum and unwavering dedication to supporting the next generation of startups tackling the future of learning. For a company like ours that sits at the intersection of communication, media, and education, it’s also nice to have champions inside the program that understand the perils of entrepreneurship and our committed to helping us tackling the various unknowns about our venture. Creatr.’s mission is to create the world’s largest knowledge platform for the creative industries.

Description by Jamall Oluokun, Co-Founder & CEO of Creatr.:



We joined LearnLaunch to scale and grow faster. LearnLaunch has around 40 edtech startups working out of their co-working space, which I think is one of the most underestimated value that we get out of LearnLaunch. They are all top edtech startups and their network+experience so far is going to be immense for early stage startups joining LearnLaunch. Our mission is to reach 1 million educators and 100 million students in the next 10 years.

Description by Mohammed Hisamuddin, Founder & CEO of Entri:



LearnBolt is a new breed of training that changes the way you collect, organize, and share business knowledge to meet the needs of today’s “Now” information age. We provide businesses with a turnkey solution that empowers employees, managers and owners from the moment of training need to the collection, organization and delivery, all within one system and all from a mobile device. LearnBolt quickens the dev and delivery of training by up to 10x while helping businesses meet their training goals.

Description by Steve Albanese, Founder & CEO of LearnBolt:


Schola Solutions

Schola was focused on not only finding mentorship from the technology sector, but also from people who understood the challenges in education. LearnLaunch is located in the EdTech capital of America, and they are unparalleled in the quality of mentors offered. It was surprising coming from Phoenix and finding a group of people who were so tuned-in to everything going on in the EdTech industry. Going through the Boost program will definitely help us with our mission of “Achieving success by placing students in the best school for them”

Description by Jaime Martinez, Founder & CEO of Schola:



SchoolHack is a team of pioneering educators, counselors, technologists, and entrepreneurs transforming education with innovative software that puts students’ personal goals and interests at the center of their educational experience. LiFT™ is a student-driven, competency-based learning platform that works across whole districts to transform mindsets, break down silos, and empower students to take charge of their learning. We’re working with LearnLaunch to share our solution with educators everywhere who want to experience the power of deeply personalized learning.

Description by David Lipkin, Co-Founder & CEO of SchoolHack:


Unruly Studios


Unruly Studios challenges kids ages 6-12 to make their own rules for creative play by learning to code physical objects that interact with the world. Our products expand educational STEM play to the entire room, instead of confining kids to just the screen or a table. We joined LearnLaunch to accelerate our time to market for our first product, Unruly Tiles. One aspect about LearnLaunch that has surprised me so far is the amazing engagement they have with their alumni community and mentors and their willingness to dive into the daily challenges of our specific businesses.

Our mission at Unruly Studios is to teach STEM skills by engaging kids with fun, active experiences that they already know and love.

Description by Bryanne Leeming, Founder & CEO of Unruly Studios:


Wealth Factory

The Wealth Factory joined LearnLaunch to explore strategic relationships and investments with large education companies. We want to hone best practices for integrating our product in public schools and become a resource for financial literacy teacher certifications. Within LearnLaunch, the flawless combination of combining academic and startup technology guidance has been refreshing. We are excited to reduce poverty across the world by providing equal access to quality financial literacy.

Description by Angel Rich, Co-Founder & CEO of WealthyLife: