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Boost PLUS Program: Cohort 11

Boost PLUS is an advanced spin on our traditional Boost Accelerator, featuring a 12-week program designed for early-revenue stage companies to produce mature edtech companies who know their market and the value they provide to their customers.

Immersed Games creates modular video game content to help middle school students learn science and STEM skills. Using their product, Tyto Online, students can do things like build complex ecosystems from scratch to learn ecology, and work with a botanist to solve food shortage challenges.

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Jobspeaker is bridging the skills gap between education and the workforce. In this new moment, Jobspeaker helps local, community and regional colleges connect students to the skills based economy through regional or state-wide job hubs.

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Peerceptiv provides infinitely scalable learning through AI-enhanced peer assessment. The research-validated scoring measures and enhances 21st century skills essential for success both in the classroom and in the workforce.

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Riff Analytics uses real-time feedback to help small groups learn how to work together online. Learning providers integrate Riff into online courses to create meaningful opportunities for peer interaction and collaboration.

Learn more uses hit songs and an AI chatbot to excite students about learning music, simplify teaching in schools, and inspire practicing at home.

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Program Alumni

Alumni represent companies from three funds managed by LearnLaunch Accelerator and include: LearnLaunch X, LearnLaunch Accelerator II, and ETS Accelerator Fund. In total, we have invested in 66 early stage edtech companies across 7 years, 10 programs with over 2M in capital deployed.





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