Personalized Program Plan

Structured Development Program

  • Over 25 detailed courses already developed and tailored to your needs
  • Dedicated time to building service and mentor support around your specific needs
  • An unmatched team of mentors with deep domain experience & strategic relationships
  • A workplace with 35+ edtech entrepreneurs in a co-working space attracting edtech leaders, investors and events
  • $100k+ worth of in-kind services and discounts
Milestone Based Funding

Progress-Based Funding Designed in Milestones

  • Follow-on investment after 6 months subject to achieving milestones
  • Milestone design negotiated to help company become more fundable
  • Milestones are designed so companies can demonstrate traction to investors
      • Milestones designed for sustainability and impact
  • Focused on helping companies develop scaling strategies
  • Focused on collecting impact & financial metrics to match next funders interests
  • Focused on always finding additional advisors
360° Industry Focus

Dedicated to Edtech

  • Deep experience in all aspects of education innovation (Early Ed, K-12, Higher Ed, Workforce Edtech)
  • Spent 8 months building out Workforce Edtech competencies
  • Portfolio of edtech companies and mentors spanning the education landscape
Research Driven Approach

Program Built on Industry Research

  • Deep industry knowledge on buyer trends and selling methods
  • Experience in distribution partnerships
  • Up-to-date knowledge on entrepreneurship research and methods
  • Deep research on edtech investment trends and also M&A drivers
  • Strong reputation: industry players and investors know us through our past investments and related activities
Dedicated Expert Network

Dedicated Expert Support

  • Experienced Venture Partners provide a unique and consistent touch point
  • Help evaluate level of resources needed & support access to people, methods, tools, and experiences
  • Support finding human capital that can help company scale