The LearnLaunch Fund + Accelerator is thrilled to announce the five companies joining Cohort 12 of the Breakthrough to Scale Accelerator program.  These startups are building solutions to future-proof learning, earning and collaboration opportunities through high-tech, hands-on and human-centered experiences.

Here’s a more in-depth look at each of the five companies in their own words:

CareerDash is on a mission to provide high-quality programs that help underserved and underrepresented populations launch careers in meaningful client-facing roles by providing online, flexible, and effective 12-week bootcamps that are affordable and tap into federal grants and nonprofit funding.

42% of the job market is client-facing roles and yet less than 2% of postsecondary education is focused on training for them. CareerDash provides high-touch, high-outcome programs at a fraction of our nearest competitors making it possible for people from all backgrounds to launch a new career in roles that pay well, offer limitless upward mobility, and are highly remote.

Our students are adults transitioning to a new career.  The biggest groups we work with are teachers, medical assistants, military spouses, social workers, and folks currently working in retail or hospitality.  Individuals who have gone down a path and are looking to try something new, make more money, work remotely, and/or grow in their careers.

Empathetics offers the first and only e-Learning  solution based on a rigorous randomized controlled trial proving that empathy can be taught.  The company’s accredited empathy education and training includes a wide range of learning experiences, and the courses have been delivered across the US and abroad. The effectiveness of Empathetics’ training has been scientifically proven in 6 medical specialties, and has been credited with higher patient experience scores and massively reduced churn in healthcare settings.

Empathetics teaches fundamental neuroscience-based skills, without which learners have trouble embracing and absorbing many other types of interpersonal training and learning, such as DEI training.

While Empathetics’ initial work is in healthcare settings with physicians, nurses and front-line staff, the company has attracted repeat customers in law enforcement, industry and financial services.

Julius solves the talent needs of the cleantech transition by providing inclusive opportunities to start and grow green careers.

The cleantech transition is the greatest opportunity of our time, but it is also creating massive workforce challenges to attract the talent required.  85% of energy companies are struggling to hire at a time when as many as 10 million cleantech jobs will be needed in the next decade. And there is a need for significantly more talent inclusivity in a sector that has a large underrepresentation of women and people of color.

Julius supports green employers by attracting new, inclusive talent with our Cleantech Career Platform. Our digital platform creates scalable pathways into green careers for job seekers by providing innovative Accelerator Programs that connect learners to career navigation, skills training, and jobs. Julius’ clients include leading organizations in the cleantech transition, from major employers to national industry associations to government entities.

Automation Workz is an assessment and reskilling firm, located in Detroit, founded by Ida Byrd-Hill, CEO, an economist and former HR Administrator and her son Kevin Hill, CTO, a data analytics guru. Automation Workz has created the Life Culture Audit to assist Human Resources, Workforce Development and Front-line Managers to discover, predict, motivate, and coach front-liners to digital career and training success.

Front-liners, mainly people of color, are not valued around the world, despite the fact business growth rises and falls by their consumer spending. Front-liners increased business growth to 6.9% in 2021 through pandemic subsidy spending to the highest in the past 70 years. Their 4.3 million quits has forced an 8.3% business growth rate decline in 2022.

Leaders are seeking ways to increase business growth and avert a recession. The pandemic 2020/2021 has proven the only way to achieve exponential business growth is to develop front-liners for higher-paying careers. When front-liners have more income, they will purchase more, fueling increased business profits.

Automation Workz tested the Life Culture Audit with front-liners in rigorous network engineer and cybersecurity training to achieve a 75% completion rate. The Life Culture Audit can be utilized for front-liner Recruitment, Performance Management and Digital Career Training Assessment.


Recruitment – Assisting Leaders to fine-tune the selection of purpose-driven Front-liners.

Performance Management – Align front-liners’ personal goals to corporate goals to increase commitment and productivity while reducing turnover and absenteeism.

Digital Career Training Assessment – Discover which front-liners have a digital mindset to garner a high training Return on Investment (ROI).

Today’s challenges demand us to rethink tomorrow, and we believe STEAM-based solutions are critical. Robo Wunderkind partners with schools to help them create outstanding STEAM experiences. We provide engaging robotic kits, intuitive coding apps, standards-aligned open & go STEAM lessons, built-in assessment tools, and professional development for teachers.

Our story-based curriculum enables educators to teach their students essential 21st-century skills – critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration – and to help them develop character qualities such as curiosity, initiative, resilience, and leadership.