For five years LearnLaunch has incubated and accelerated some of the most forward-thinking ideas, products, and services in the education market. Now with a portfolio of 45 edtech companies, we continue to position ourselves, and our portfolio, for maximum impact.

Our most recent Boost cohort of nine companies, spent the better half of the summer building product plans, diving into their financial models, developing their sales pipelines and refining their pitches. And while for us, Demo Day is the culmination of their time at LearnLaunch, for them it’s a monumental step forward with their business and only the beginning.

Demo Day is not only an opporunity for these companies to present the progress they’ve made during the program, but also marks a significant milestone in their progress.

See them September 25th at our Demo Day.

2017 Boost Companies:

  • BlocksCAD (Boston, MA) – BlocksCAD is a blocks-based, programmatic, computer aided design tool specifically designed for education.
  • Choosito ( Philadelphia, PA) – Choosito is a student search engine tool that works like Google but with enhanced filters for safety, reading level and subject area.
  • Creatr (New York, NY) – Creatr is a knowledge and mentorship platform for the creative industries.
  • Entri (Cochin, India) – Entri is a test prep platform for teachers and students in India. 600 teachers and 75,000 students have used Entri so far.
  • LearnBolt (Boston, MA) – LearnBolt is a new breed of training that changes the way you collect, organize, and share business knowledge to meet the needs of today’s “Now” information age.
  • Schola (Phoenix, AZ) – Schola helps parents and students find and enroll in the right Pre–K thru 12 school 
    (Public & Private).
  • Schoolhack (Middlebury, VT) – SchoolHack’s LiFT increases student engagement and graduation rates by connecting teenagers’ interests, hopes and dreams to their educational experience.
  • Unruly Studios (Boston, MA) – Unruly Studios creates interactive games to empower kids 6+ with critical STEM skills while encouraging physical play and social engagement.
  • Wealthy Life (Washington DC) – The Wealth Factory designs financial literacy edtech games.

In addition to the nine companies above, you’ll meet an additional 14 LearnLaunch Accelerator alumni who will also provide an update.

  • Affordable College – Affordable College provides community college students a clear path to an affordable degree, certificate, or other credential by providing a national platform for community colleges that brings them together with universities in a Transfer Student Marketplace.
  • Authess – Authess provides assessment templates that enable scenario-, simulation- and problem-based assessment that evaluates knowledge and skill mastery and delivers personalized data to the learner.
  • Cognii – Cognii is a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence based educational technology for interactive learning and assessment.
  • CourseStorm – CourseStorm provides impossibly simple online course registration. We make it simple for organizations to publish their catalog online and for students to find and register for classes.
  • Cram Fighter – Cram Fighter creates a personalized study schedule for the USMLE, COMLEX, Shelf, CFA®, MCAT, or NCLEX, so you know exactly what to do each day.
  • Education Modified – Education Modified is a platform that empowers teachers who serve students with special needs using the latest research-based strategies and Learning Biographies for seamless collaboration.
  • Kaymbu – Kaymbu is the leading classroom documentation and family engagement platform for early education programs.
  • Listenwise – Listenwise Curates public radio stories and builds custom lesson plans around them that align with Common Core Standards.
  • Quadwrangle – QuadWrangle’s marketing and engagement automation platform makes being an alum more valuable with curated content, career networking, social sharing and powerful events functionality.
  • Quality Interactions – Quality Interactions emerged as the forerunner in cultural competency training for healthcare organizations in 2003, and we continue to lead the field by providing learning solutions that incorporate real-life scenarios and a research-based approach to cross-cultural communication.
  • Riipen – Riipen is an experiential education platform for post-secondary institutions that connects industry to faculty and their students to prepare them for their careers.
  • TeachersConnect – TeachersConnect is a mentorship and collaboration network for new K-12 teachers that creates an enduring relationship between teacher prep programs and their teachers.
  • UConnect – uConnect is a campus recruiting platform that is changing the way colleges and universities provide career services to their students.
  • Zulama – Zulama Game Design Program gives middle & high schoolers hands-on experience with Game Design, Digital Art, Programming, Mobile Apps, and Screenwriting.