WriteSteps is a standards-based, K-5, digital writing and grammar curriculum that helps teachers create skilled writers.  Built upon research tested best practices, its teacher-friendly lesson plans and digital writing platform support a variety of delivery methods. Used by more than 10,000 teachers and 300,000 students around the world, WriteSteps supports teachers with customized professional development as they transition to digital instruction methods. The comprehensive curriculum prepares students for success on state assessments and a lifetime of confident writing.

List your traction

  • International curriculum impacting
    • 10,000 Teachers
    • 300,000 Students
  • 1.2M revenue last year


The following is the transcript from a conversation with Suzanne Klein, Founder & CEO of WriteSteps.

Why did you found your company? What is the story, moment or reason that drives you? Like most teachers, I was never taught how to teach elementary students how to write.  After a few years of unsuccessful writing enthusiasm and test scores from my students, I began to study as much as I could about how to best teach writing and grammar.  From there I began to see my students flourish and I knew I had created lessons that worked.  After presenting around the nation, and modeling the lessons in over 350 classrooms, it was teachers who said, “You need to package this before someone steals it!”.  This is how WriteSteps was born.

Everyday I wake up with the mission to help as many children as possible become better communicators in the world through their writing.  Writing that can open career and college doors.


Most memorable moment on your entrepreneurship journey? Starting and running a company is the most fulfilling, rewarding and challenging accomplishment I’ve ever done in my life.  To know that I’m not only supporting the amazing team members and their families that work for me, but to help transform reluctant writing teachers into confident instructors, and weak writers into capable writers is a tremendous blessing.  


Biggest challenge to date? By far, one of the biggest challenges in running a company is managing cash flow, making sure you don’t run out of it, and you are spending wisely.  I truly believe that there is no limit to what we can do and achieve with WriteSteps.   However, the obstacle is always the cash ceiling that always seems to low.


Why LearnLaunch? I knew continuing at the current pace wasn’t going to create the reach and traction that I wanted and we deserved to have.  We have an amazing program, and we should be in every elementary school.  In order to help us achieve more school saturation, I knew it was time to seek out an accelerator.  I had looked at some but they didn’t seem robust or Ed Tech focused enough. Luckily, my amazing mentor, Eric Cantor told me about LearnLaunch.  After some research and calling companies who had attended their accelerator in the past, I knew LearnLaunch’s Breakthrough Accelerator was the perfect fit to help us breakthrough.

In a very fast and furious month of being at LearnLaunch for the accelerator, already so many positive connections and potential business opportunities have appeared.   I’m truly grateful for all that I’ve learned and relationships I’ve gained.  We are on the cusp of some really big opportunities with our new digital student blended learning offering, and I have the team at LearnLaunch to thank for this.


Look forward to a year from now, what are some of your biggest successes in ‘17?

  • Successful implementation of our student platform, CaptivationStation, in 60% of our current WriteSteps schools.
  • Expand CaptivationStation to more grade levels, and add in digital assessment and reporting features.
  • Some strategic partnerships that expand our distribution channels.


*Want to get in touch with Suzanne? Send her an email: suzanne@writestepswriting.com