We’re doing it again!

Are you a startup with an impact-driven team dedicated to building the future of teaching and learning? LearnLaunch Accelerator has opened applications for it’s next cohort. Hurry! Applications close June 10th.

Our program is built on 5 guiding principles to provide each company with a unique and valuable experience.

We provide:

  1. Personalized program plans.
  2. Milestone-based follow-on funding.
  3. Curated and dedicated edtech expert network.
  4. 360° industry focus.
  5. Research-driven method.

Some insider tips on how we evaluate companies

  1. We gain a lot of valuable information from the co-founder video introduction. It tells us a lot about your team dynamic.
  2. When we’re reading an application we look for a mix of impact and scalability, but also our ability to help you long-term.
  3. We like clear, short, and succinct answers. Try not to over explain or go into too excessive detail. We’re looking for a general overview of you and your company.
  4. We want to meet you before applications close! If you have questions or want to learn more about how we help companies, attend a webinar or set up a 1×1 meeting.

Hear from the Alums

“LearnLaunch helped us transform from a product to a viable business. LearnLaunch’s community of industry experts, investors, advisors and mentors catapulted our business.”  
– Eleni Miltsakaki, Founder & CEO, Choosito!  

“For BlocksCAD the LearnLaunch experience was essential for making the transition from a really cool product to a award winning business.  By leveraging the curriculum and access to mentors we were able to get to market far ahead of schedule.”
– Sol Menashi, Co-Founder & CEO, BlocksCAD

“LearnLaunch was a crucial part of Unruly’s history. They helped us grow our early team and pushed us to get key results that helped us raise our first round of funding. It was important for us to be working with a partner who knows the Edtech market extensively, and LearnLaunch went above and beyond to help us enter the market.”  
– Bryanne Leeming, Founder & CEO, Unruly Studios

About Boost

The LearnLaunch Accelerator Boost Program is a three-month program designed to help early stage edtech entrepreneurs successfully grow their startups. Founders participate in a residential program in Boston, Massachusetts, where they are immersed in a community of like-minded professionals committed to helping them grow their businesses. The goal of the Boost program is to advance the product and market development process so that entrepreneurs will be able to secure the resources they need to grow.  Companies are eligible for up to $70k in investment.

LearnLaunch Accelerator
LearnLaunch Accelerator is the leading early stage edtech startup accelerator.  LearnLaunch Accelerator provides the most promising education technology startups worldwide with up to $120,000 in seed funding, a personalized development plan, sector specific curriculum, and a network of industry focused mentors, intensive coaching and all the tools necessary to grow a successful edtech startup. It offers investors a diversified platform of early stage companies in the rapidly growing edtech sector. For more Information, visit www.learnlaunch.com/accelerator or follow us @LearnLaunchX.