Cue Career is a career exploration and workforce development platform connecting students to professional and trade associations.

What traction do you have so far?

  • 60 Associations
  • 800k+ views on our YouTube channel

Why did you found Cue Career?
We volunteer with students from underserved communities and realized that industry associations were a great resource for all students, especially students whose family lack social capital.  We were surprised no one had aggregated the resources in a student-friendly manner that made it easy for students to interact with associations.

Story or moment of inspiration to start Cue Career?
There were two incidents that were about a month apart.  Nick was biking with a friend who became the CEO of a career assessment company and asked who made the career exploration videos. This company didn’t, so when he was back home he Googled career exploration videos and was shocked by the poor quality of the videos.

A few weeks later Nick was having lunch with an old coworker from his days working in solid waste management, this coworker was talking about an industry conference he recently attended and how some people are really active in associations. Nick replayed, “of course, they are the biggest cheerleaders for trash collection you can find”, and realized the associations should be more involved in creating career exploration content.

What’s a memorable moment in your entrepreneurial journey?
Being accepted into the LearnLaunch Accelerator has been the most memorable moment.  Working with the amazing people at LearnLaunch and the other companies in the cohort inspires us every day.  

What is the biggest challenge you anticipate facing over the next 6-12 months?
Being a two-sided marketplace we have the challenge of bringing on associations and working with them to create content while also attracting students to the platform.  The LearnLaunch team is helping direct our focus so we can accomplish both of these.

Why did you choose LearnLaunch?
In 2017 we had the opportunity to work out of an incubator in NYC and come up to Boston for a workshop at LearnLaunch.  Immediately, we saw quality of the LearnLaunch team and the success of alumni we met. We’ve spend more time in Boston over the last 1.5 years and became more impressed with the things going on at LearnLaunch and the opportunities they offer edtech startups.