It’s fairly safe to say that the demand for employees with skills in technology and computer science is not waning anytime soon. LearnLaunch Accelerator alumnus Empow Studios hones those skills from a young age by organizing creative programs for children that combine technology, arts, and play. Their goal is to empower kids (hence the company name) by teaching them to design, build, and code fun and unique projects and, ultimately, to encourage future ambitions in STEM.

While Empow launched in 2013 with summer camps and outreach classes, they are now running an after-school program and recurring weekend classes as well. Beyond their regular agenda they curate specialty experiences like birthday parties, LEGO leagues, and girl-centered projects. In addition to greater options, the company has updated their technology to include other playful exercises like DJing, 3D printing, and Minecraft. As always, students are given the freedom to determine what they want to work on and the direction to take while teachers help make that happen. Accompanying the aforementioned expansion in offerings has been growth in the team itself; once entirely part-time, it now comprises five full-time and seven part-time employees. And per usual, they’ll be hiring about 10 more people for summertime—their busiest season.

Speaking of busy, Empow’s programs are currently at full capacity, and they are sustainably generating revenue and funding new development from sales. In addition to several individual schools, their largest clients include Cape Cod Academy, Arlington Community Education, Dover-Sherborn Community Education, Needham Community Education, and Lincoln Recreation Department. With no shortage in customers, the focus for the next 12 months will be on developing their curriculum and internal systems to scale their programs. Given the success of their current platform, they are also looking to expand into new areas.