Last Tuesday evening, the education technology community descended on LearnLaunch for the October LearnLaunch Café Night. A collaboration with HUBweek Open Doors, Café Night was a great opportunity to tour the campus and to meet some of the companies in the fall cohort of the LearnLaunch Accelerator.

Five of the nine companies in the fall 2018 cohort came to the event to share what they are doing to improve teaching and learning.

Beagle Learning is a web-based app that works as an analysis tool for students’ questions, providing the teacher with insight into their needs and academic improvement. Led by Co-Founders Turner Bohlen and Carolyn Goettsch, Beagle Learning trains the necessary critical thinking and problem solving skills that students need today.

Capti Voice, led by CEO Yevgen Borodin, is a literacy support tool that personalizes learning, increases engagement, and allows students to overcome print disabilities. The app uses text-to-speech technology to convert text content into narrated playlists for students and learners.

CueCareer, created by Nick Hare and Heather Wetzler, is a career exploration and youth workforce development platform for students and learners. The platform gathers resources from industry associations and connects students to opportunities such as internships, mentorships, video interviews, and more.

Orbit is a digital program that uses virtual and augmented reality technology to present 3D visualizations of key STEM concepts to students. Created by Navera Waheed and Wajiha Habeeb, the platform aims to revolutionize the learning process and to challenge the monotony of the education system.

ProPrep is an online learning platform for STEM students in Higher Ed that tailors video tutorials and study guides to the student’s course syllabi. Founded by Itay Koppel, ProPrep closes the gap between challenging lectures and frustrated students.

These are just some of the edtech startups that are a part of the Fall 2018 Accelerator Cohort. Learn more about the LearnLaunch Accelerator program here. To see more information about upcoming LearnLaunch Café Nights and other events, check out our events page!


Jamal Merritt is an intern at LearnLaunch Institute