This week we had the opportunity to sit down with Sol Menashi: Founder and CEO of BlocksCAD. BlocksCAD is a blocks based, programmatic, computer aided design tool specifically designed for education. It enables K-12 students to create their own designs that can be easily 3D printed.

Sol has stressed the growing number of makerspaces across the world and a need for new students to engage with the STEM community. Thanks to Sol for sharing this insight about the STEM market and his progress so far with BlocksCAD. The following is the transcript from the interview.   


What traction do you have so far?

9,000 active users; 3,500 since start of 2017.

250 teachers

40,000+ projects

100 schools worldwide

Available in: English, French, German, Chinese.  


Why did you choose to found the company?

The software was created out of a previous makerspace where we were having good success working with 3D printers and engaging students in STEM learning. Once the software was released to the general public and other teachers were using: positive feedback followed. We were looking to build new features and make BlocksCAD into a sustainable business.


What drives you?

Inspirational stories from students and teachers about the opportunity of using visual math to drive learning. By allowing makerspaces to engage students with technologies to help inspire them and see themselves as part of the future. BlocksCAD was born out of that need to motivate and inspire all students. When a student is able to grasp a concept and learn something that they struggled with: that is inspiring and motivating.


Is BlocksCAD linked directly to 3D printers?

We see a lot of 3D printing use cases with BlocksCAD. There is no denying the power of allowing students to create and bring a physical object home- visualizing their work in a real space.


What has been a memorable moment in your entrepreneurial journey?

Being selected as part of the LearnLaunch Boost was a significant moment and was the momentum and validation that showed us the idea had the legs we believed it did. Being accepted to the prestigious LearnLaunch program was crucial for us to take the entrepreneurial leap of faith.


What has been your biggest challenge so far?

BlocksCAD is currently just two co-founders.  We are focusing on getting ourselves in position to bring in some revenue and getting the product ready. Whereas our single biggest challenge has been trying to expand the size of the team.


Why LearnLaunch?

I have been coming to LearnLaunch for over 2 years now – and it has always been something that I have been following. LearnLaunch is a place that nurtures great EdTech companies. I believe if an idea has legitimacy – the idea is going to happen here at LearnLaunch.


*BlocksCAD is currently live and we urge all readers to check out and explore the great work Sol and his team have been working toward.