The fourth LearnLaunch Accelerator cohort is fully underway and the companies are running at full speed to prepare for a Demo Day on January 20th. “We’re very excited by this cohort and look forward to seeing them progress throughout the next three months,” said Liam Pisano, Managing Director of LearnLaunch Accelerator. There has been a lot of information disseminated to the companies, and I spoke with a few of them about what they felt was the most important lessons from the first week. Here are four lessons from LearnLaunch Accelerator’s fourth cohort:

Be careful with your time

Time is an entrepreneur’s most valuable resource. It is critical to plan your time in advance and make sure you’re using it in the best possible way. If what you’re working on isn’t directly helping you achieve your next goal, don’t work on it. Ira Sockowitz, CEO of Learning Game Studios, understands this firsthand. “As startup, there are numerous tasks that require immediate or near term attention. An important element of success is prioritize these tasks and allotting your time accordingly, with a goal of being efficient with your most precious resource – your time,” he said.

 Plan your goals

There are endless things that need to be done with a startup, each task seemingly more important than the last. Sean O’Brien, CEO of Affordable College, sees this as an important task. “As an early stage startup, there is so much that needs to be done. What I’ve found to be the most useful is writing down my goals for the week and trying my best to stick to them.” It is critical to prioritize the goals that you need to work on, and work on them in order. The list doesn’t have to be static and you can make frequent changes, but always keep your eye on the prize.

Utilize available resources

LearnLaunch Accelerator offers its startups amazing visibility in the edtech community. However, it is up to the companies to capitalize on this. If companies want to thrive in the program and be known in the edtech community, they have to grab the reigns and utilize what LearnLaunch Accelerator and the Boston community has to offer. This can include reaching out to the countless mentors in the LearnLaunch Accelerator network, or attending the multitude of events that LearnLaunch Accelerator hosts. “We’ve got some of the best minds in education and investment from the Boston area ready to help these companies get to the next level,” said LearnLaunch Operations Director Asad Butt. “The best companies will listen to the advice and insight offered by this tremendous network.”

Network within your cohort

This LearnLaunch Accelerator cohort has companies spanning the entire globe, each bringing a unique set of skills and background. Companies have learned and had great success getting advice from one another and learning from past mistakes and existing networks.

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