By Jean Hammond, Partner, LearnLaunch

How do you know when an edtech accelerator is working? When teachers love the companies AND the products that go through the program. The LearnLaunch Accelerator brings together startups with a lot of potential, but we know we are doing it right when we see an email detailing how a creative teacher is simultaneously using products from two of the companies from our second cohort: CueThink and Hstry.

Michael Drezek, a Technology Integrator at the Lake Shore Central School District sent this in recently:

“I made a “timeline” within the Hstry program of how we used CueThink at [school name] and the features available. I was wondering if it is OK to use your CueThink logo within my presentation to teachers at a tech integrator forum on March 10? I am also presenting on HSTRY. They seem to both go pretty well together since CueThink and HSTRY both are awesome for creating, communicating and collaborating. To make it look professional, I would want to add your logo to the “timeline.” I plan on giving a demonstration on the CueThink app and teacher dashboard.”

I get asked all the time what my definition of an innovative teacher is. To me, an innovative teacher is someone who:

  1. Discovers new ways to engage their students
  2. Can integrate these into the classroom work flow
  3. Wants to share these ideas with others so they learn from their peers, and
  4. Has fun helping student collaborate.

Our goal at LearnLaunch is to continue to help the most cutting-edge technologies get to market so that teachers, like Michael Drezek, can continue to innovate. Being a part of the ecosystem that allows creative entrepreneurs to build value every day is a joy. Just two examples of that from today:

  1. An innovative teacher will show how to increase math problem solving with CueThink, and
  2. HSTRY launched out of beta at SXSWedu with over 17,000 users. Their launched product timelines can now be made public and shared via social media.

Check out, and