Lillie Marshall, of and, is a humanities teacher for the Boston Public Schools. She also is one the top edtech educators in Massachusetts. We had the pleasure to ask Lillie some questions regarding edtech and her role in this week’s LearnLaunch Across Boundaries Conference where she will be a panelist on the “Run It By Real Teachers” breakout session. Why is Lillie excited for this week’s conference? Find out below!

What is your favorite thing about working in education?
It’s hilarious. Kids make me smile and guffaw each day. It’s creative; I love curriculum planning! Finally, it always feels important.

What are you looking forward to most about the LearnLaunch 2015 conference?
Networking with exciting and world-impacting people!

What advice would you give to someone who has never attended the LearnLaunch conference?
It can be like trying to drink from a firehose. If you can make two important personal connections and learn two useful new facts, skills, or products, you’ve done your job!

Why should someone get excited to attend “Run It By Real Teachers” where you will be a panelist?
So many EdTech companies are careening down the wrong path in their product development because they aren’t clear on the realities of a real teacher’s day. Our panel is here to help, and we will do so in an engaging, hands-on manner.

What panel/speaker/person aside from your panel are you most excited to see? Why?
I find at these events that I can never predict with whom I will make a meaningful and lasting professional connection, but there is always at least one person.

Also, I’m excited for the after party. I’m a new mother, and it’s been too long since I’ve had the glamorous and networking-filled “after party experience!”

What do you think is one of your biggest challenges in delivering on edtech’s promise? What do you think would help you solve this challenge?
One of the challenges is that edtech companies are not in touch with the realities of a teacher’s day and needs. Our panel can help solve this challenge, as can ongoing connections between edtech companies and teachers.

Have a funny comment, question, or story from a student this year that would be fun to share?
I have a few students who keep telling me, “This site is broken,” and when I go over to see how, it turns out they’re doing the complete opposite of the directions. I’m trying to teach them to say, “I think I messed up and need help” instead of blaming the poor, innocent technology.

How could an edtech company that wants to run an idea by a teacher get in touch with you?
Thanks for asking! I have one of the largest online followings of any teacher in the world, and part of that is because I LOVE engaging via social media. You can expect a bunch of educational, fun, and fabulous tweets and Instagram posts from @WorldLillie!


Meet Lillie Marshall and other education innovators at this year’s 2015 LearnLaunch Across Boundaries Conference on January 23-24 in Boston! Over 600 attendees, including educators, entrepreneurs, industry leaders, students, and investors, will attend 4 keynote sessions and 21 panels and workshops designed to foster conversation around the greatest challenges in delivering on edtech’s promise. A complete list of speakers and other conference details can be found on the conference website.