Blog post by Lindsy Gamble

Knowledge to Practice (K2P), an early-stage technology startup with two years of dynamic performance in postgraduate medical education, delivers?personalized and adaptive lifelong learning solutions. Their subscription model—shown to be three times as effective at increasing knowledge compared to leading competitors in this space—allows clinicians to keep their certification active, their knowledge of advancements current, and their patients content. Said one satisfied customer, “Although I’d really only set out to satisfy my credentialing requirements, I was surprised by some of the results of my pre-test and found myself desiring to achieve mastery to ensure I give the absolute best clinical care to my patients…. Post-course, I had the opportunity to test this knowledge, building my confidence, self-efficacy, and providing me with point of care tools to support areas in which I didn’t even realize I needed mastery!” In addition to supporting clinicians, K2P ensures that Academic Medical Centers and healthcare systems remain competitive as well. 

The company has seen a steady stream of developments lately, and the remainder of 2016 promises to be no different. They recently launched the Interventional Cardiology Board Review, and the company has indicated it wants to close a round of funding by the end of the year. In October, the LOI will be signed with Stanford, after which they’ll go direct to market in radiology and will start recruiting thought leaders to develop assessments and content. At the end of October, K2P will be moving from a co-working space to a dedicated 4,500-square-foot office in Bethesda, MD. And come December, their MVP for MasterClass will be available.  

It’s no surprise that traction is strong, and according to CEO Mary Ellen Beliveau, they are trying to narrow down the field after many initial calls with a high level of interest. K2P already has an extensive group of investors including Rethink Education, Ingram, Bill Collatos, Kevin Calderwood, SideCar Angels, Nicolas Massard, and Ralph Ferrante. The team is expanding as well, with a Chief Marketing Officer and Director of Financial Planning and Analysis hired this summer, as well as new salesmen on the inside and outside (Rich Kinnear from the Advisory Board and Barry Fleming from HealthStream, respectively). Six other job listings are posted on their site currently. As April 2017 approaches, keep an eye out for the launch of CurrentMD, a mobile-first product that presents relevant emerging practice trends in an engaging and adaptive way.