Blog post by Lindsy Gamble

PlayPosit (formerly eduCanon), an online learning environment transforming any online video into an active experience for students, has widened its scope to reach even more customers. Though their roots are still in K-12, they now support higher education, including over a dozen universities. Furthermore, while they maintain a strong pedagogical advantage in the market, they’ve also pivoted to include corporate clients, ensuring, for example, that all new employees at a company get the appropriate and most effective on-demand training. New permutations of the platform fitting each unique case have been built, yet the formula is still the same—make use of what keeps learners most engaged and results in the greatest learning outcomes. 

Formerly measuring traction by total users (~1.5M in total), PlayPosit now gauges that metric by successful customers, which CEO and founder Benjamin Levy says feels even better. To ensure more happy customers, the team dedicates time toward evolving the efficacy and engagement of the platform and visits classrooms to interact with users. “It’s an amazing fulfillment to have breadth of impact, while maintaining a connection at the classroom level,” Levy says. 

One example of positive feedback comes from French and Spanish teacher Rachelle Poth, who says she had been looking for ways to integrate innovative technology and blended learning experiences into her classroom over the past few years. PlayPosit has made it easy for her to find or create lessons, engage students, track progress, and make learning more fun for her class and herself. “Because PlayPosit is integrated with many different Learning Management Systems, its integration into the classroom is much easier [than other tools]…. If you have any questions, the team at PlayPosit has been great with providing resources and feedback on how to use the tools in the platform and I have enjoyed conversations with them about the uses of PlayPosit for education or any industry.” 

After a strong quarter and continuous growth in customer success, sales, and development, the company is actively seeking former educators with backgrounds in any of these three areas. They prefer to bring on employees who have first-hand education experience because that shapes their perspective. “We work harder than most,” Levy asserts, “because we know what is at stake and that’s reflected in our philosophy on education.” With investors like AT&T, 1776vc, and LearnLaunch, plus some of the largest universities in the country as clients, the company is sure to continue attracting team members and customers alike.