Blog post by Lindsy Gamble

QuadWrangle—a company designing tools for improved engagement and communication in alumni communities in the form of analytics for schools and personalized content for alumni—is poised for a big year ahead. This month they’re rolling out the web portal and email solutions to their platform to complement their mobile app and analytics tools that have been in-market for three years. Within the next four months, several of their new partners will be coming online. And in order to support and optimize this growth, there are expanding internally as well. 

The company is excited about their most recently acquired clients, Arizona State, Wheelock, and UMass Boston, as well as their new customer success lead, Haley Zwecker. Zwecker joins QuadWrangle from Amherst, where she was a two-sport varsity athlete and captain. “She’s uniquely capable in digital product marketing, a skill our clients are very much enjoying the benefits of,” says QuadWrangle CEO and Co-Founder Nick Zeckets. 

Zeckets cites the holistic digital engagement experience available via QuadWrangle’s new web and email tools for their nearly tripled ACV this year. With tens of thousands of engaged alumni consuming millions of unique pieces of university content every month, their platform needs to stand out. By relying on Natural Language marketing automation and connecting calls to action, QuadWrangle is seeing over a 4% click-through rate, which is remarkably high compared to all other giving button performances in education. 

What is the secret to QuadWrangle’s continuing growth? Being good planners and their greatest critics, while relying on forward thinking. Remarking on his evolving philosophy of ‘trepship, Zeckets explains that “by and large, it’s all about fast is slow and slow is fast. It would seem counterintuitive, but the faster we feel like we’re moving, the less we’re actually getting done.” 

Keep an eye out for the company’s cryptic “secret sauce”—future product work to automate success—and check out this spiffy video for more information.