This week we sat down with Jamall: Founder and CEO of Creatr. Creatr is a knowledge platform for the creative industries. Creatr enables artistic professionals to livestream their interests to a specific user base: hoping to share their knowledge and skills with aspiring artists. By utilizing live video as a medium of direct contact between artists and learners, Creatr seeks to close the knowledge gap between these parties.

The following is the transcript from the interview.    

What traction do you have so far?

250 creatrs ready to broadcast.

50 hours of streaming video.

5,000 users.

Why did you found Creatr?

Through my previous work at Papercut magazine: I realized there was large knowledge gap between our viewers and the artists, musicians and photographers we were featuring. By bridging and hopefully closing this gap, we hope to enable many more individuals to succeed in their profession.   

Story or moment of inspiration to start Creatr?

I am a Creatr myself. I have always been involved with video production, music production, plays or other fields among the creative arts. Through this experience, I have seen the difficulties of gaining access to likeminded professionals and wanted to build a platform to solve this issue. I believe Creatr can narrow the gap between these professionals and others seeking their expertise.

What’s a memorable moment in your entrepreneurial journey?

Being accepted to LearnLaunch was great validation for our past work and future plans. We hope to leverage the talents and resources at LearnLaunch to propel our business and user base forward.

What is the biggest challenge you will face over the next 12 months?

Building out our community. The first step of this process will be our soft launch on the week on June 5th. Check out the soft launch here:  

Why did you choose LearnLaunch?

Access to all the wonderful mentors. Mentor madness was a great experience and getting different viewpoints from all industry experts that related to our business and product.