*Orbit is revolutionizing the learning process by using AR/VR to create engaging 3D visualizations of key STEM concepts and systems taught to students.

What traction do you have so far?
12 private schools in Pakistan. 30 public and private schools signed up for pilots in the US.

Why did you found Orbit?
The CEO of the company, Navera Waheed, has been a primary school teacher and has faced the difficulty of keeping her students engaged in classroom. Also, she found herself short of resources to teach certain topics to the students especially those that were 3D in nature.

Both the founders had been running a technology company since 2014 and in 2016, they realized that the problem faced by teachers and students in the classroom can be resolved by Augmented Reality. We understood that AR can keep the students engaged in the classroom making learning a fun activity for them as well as providing teachers with the right knowledge transfer tools.

Story or moment of inspiration to start Orbit.
Realizing that AR could be a possible solution, we visited several schools in Pakistan to understand the depth of the problem. And we were surprised to see 10 years old students unable to imagine the difference between a circle and a sphere.

We understood that the conventional teaching methods are unable to convey concepts and cannot keep the kids engaged in the classroom.

What’s a memorable moment in your entrepreneurial journey?
There have been quick a few actually.

  • The first signed customer and seeing Orbit actually bringing students to the class with interest and enjoying the interactive learning experience
  • Winning an international competition in South Korea for the quality of our solution
  • Winning a grant from the Pakistani government which is one of the largest seed grants awarded to a technology startup by the Pakistani government

What is the biggest challenge you anticipate facing over the next 6-12 months?
Finding the product market fit for Orbit in the US market is going to be one of the biggest challenges in the coming 6-12 months. We are developing curriculum around the NGSS and Common Core standards and starting the pilot process with schools in Massachusetts in January 2019. Both the sales and the production activities will be focused in this direction and we hope to conclude it successfully in around 6 months.

Why did you choose LearnLaunch?
LearnLaunch has a great network of educators and edtech sales experts which we believed can help us reshape the product to resolve the customer’s pain in the most effective way. LL has lived to the expectation of Orbit team so far and we are on the path to experiment the improved version of the product in the US market.