If you’re thinking about applying to the leading edtech Accelerator program but need a little more information about how we work and why… Here’s your resource!

Who We Are
LearnLaunch Accelerator is the leading early stage edtech startup accelerator. Our relationship-driven approach supports funding, partnerships and growth for the long-term.

The Program
Breakthrough is an intensive 5-week immersive program designed to help edtech companies with proven product-market fit and repeatable revenue, design and execute on their unique scaling strategy. With a broad industry focus, we’re a program built on experience, iteration, and an extensive history reacting to the market in order to find a way to help entrepreneurs design and deliver the most effective, market-ready product.

What we Offer
We have carefully curated a mix of resources including:

  1. Milestone-Based Funding (up to 120k)
  2. Venture Partners
  3. Strategic Human Capital
  4. Industry Connections
  5. Lifelong Support

It’s important to specifically highlight our Venture Partners who are strategically paired with each company based on their expertise and the company need. Venture Partners help their companies identify resources like mentors, provide industry-relevant intros, and co-design a myriad of scaling strategies. One of the main ways companies leverage their Venture Partners is with our unique milestone program. Milestones are developed as a team between the company and Venture Partner and focus on 5-7 major areas, including: sales, team, fundraising, impact, product, and more. They help us identify company success and team effectiveness that ultimately determines if they receive follow on funding from us and how much. Milestones also help us talk to other follow-on funders about you and how you’re performing.

We have a very strong track record of supporting companies from across the education innovation landscape, including: Early Ed, K-12, Higher Ed, and Workforce Edtech. We prioritize deep personalized strategy development, operations, industry connections, and most importantly sales strategy and market expansion.

CourseStorm, an impossibly simple online course registration platform that makes it simple for organizations to publish their catalog online and for students to find and register for classes, who participated in the second Breakthrough program, is no exception. In addition to participating in our program, just last month they announced a 1.2 Million round of investment. We chatted with Brian Rahill, CourseStorm Co-Founder & CEO. He’s what he said.

“The LearnLaunch Breakthrough Program was instrumental in helping us move CourseStorm to the next level. The team and advisors at LearnLaunch pushed us to “think bigger.” They helped us dial in our processes and gather data to develop a believable high-growth story that would resonate with investors and partners.

They have also helped make connections to the EdTech ecosystem, including other entrepreneurs, investors, and strategic partners in Boston and beyond. In fact, even two years after our program officially ended, they continue to connect us to the right people and organizations to fuel our next stage of growth.

If you are an early-stage, EdTech startup, that is battling to transform education, you definitely want the LearnLaunch team in your corner!”

CourseStorm is joined by other stellar alumni, including CareAcademy, Cram Fighter, Kaymbu, and the recently acquired Zulama. If you’re interested in applying to the program, applications are open through THIS FRIDAY, Feb 22nd. You can find the application here.

Still looking or more? Visit our website or request our webinar deck/recording by emailing Ben: ben@learnlaunch.com