Meet Flora Azucena: the driving force behind Alchemy Vision. Alchemy Vision is a game-changer in the eye care industry, specializing in upskilling the workforce. With their savvy approach, Alchemy Vision fosters team empowerment, supercharges practice growth, and turns regular staff into confident professionals. Let’s dive into Flora’s story and the buzz about Alchemy Vision.

Your story as a First-Generation American founder is inspiring and motivational. Could you tell us your perspective on a startup creation as a Mexican Woman in the US?

Just like many immigrants that come to this country, I moved here without having had a formal education. I first learned how to read when I was 10 years old, when I was first enrolled in school in the US. As I progressed in my career, the scarcity of educational and professional growth opportunities for entry-level employees was evident, and I felt compelled to share the knowledge and experience I had acquired over the years with others who, like me, had been denied such opportunities. This driving force led to the creation of Alchemy Vision.

You have an exceptional team of professionals. Can you tell us about theirs, as well as yours personal experiences of working in healthcare?

Over the course of 12 years, I have passionately built a successful career in healthcare, with a diverse background in sales and training across prominent pharmaceutical and medical device companies. My journey led me to spend seven transformative years at Bauch and Lomb surgical, where I discovered my profound love for eye care. Recognizing the significance of sight in shaping our perception of the world, I became deeply enamored with the field. Here, I forged meaningful connections with key opinion leaders, customers, colleagues, and friends within the industry. When the time came to bring my vision to life, I turned to this valuable network for support. With such a remarkable team of passionate and dedicated experts by our side, Alchemy Vision is poised to make a significant impact in the realm of eye care. Together, we share a collective mission to improve and enhance the way the world sees, ensuring that sight remains one of our most precious and protected senses.

What was the biggest challenge in the beginning stage of Alchemy Vision’s development versus what is the biggest challenge now?

Embarking on my journey as a first-time founder has been a profound learning experience. Recognizing my knowledge gaps, I understood the importance of assembling a talented team to complement my expertise. One area where I lacked proficiency was technology, so I sought out skilled individuals who could bolster our technical capabilities. Similarly, to ensure our courses encompassed the medical aspect and the essential skills of technicians, I built a dedicated medical team.

My background primarily lies in sales and training, and while that has been invaluable, I faced the challenge of bringing a product to market for the first time. To address this, I surrounded myself with experts who possess a wealth of knowledge in crafting effective go-to-market strategies. Despite not having formal finance education, I knew the significance of financial models and taught myself how to develop them, adapting as our company evolves and grows. My goal is to refine this skill as I progress through the Learn launch program.

Building a company is an ever-evolving journey of growth and adaptation. As our team grows, we are challenged with making smart hiring decisions and having the right people in the right seat, with all hands on deck, aligned with our vision and values. Embracing these challenges has been an invaluable part of my entrepreneurial experience, and I am determined to overcome them with tenacity and continuous learning. Through resilience and the support of my capable team, I believe we can achieve our vision and make a meaningful impact in the industry.

What is the most unique aspect of Alchemy Vision’s activity and its approach to work?

Training high performing teams has been extremely hard for small businesses. When the business is in medical care, quality is required. Alchemy Vision ensures that all team members know the critical steps in the patent journey to deliver their role with empathy and fidelity. This reduces risk to the practice.

We have devised a unique concept, creating a harmonious team that breaks barriers in the field. Understanding the constraints faced by our end users, we sought innovative ways to engage them. We adorned our courses with inspiring quotes, enthralling storytelling, and uplifting content. The result? Students now enthusiastically take courses and quizzes even on a Friday night. This remarkable response showcases the power of empathy, connecting with all involved and crafting an experience that resonates deeply.

While tasks, technology, and processes in our system can be emulated, the soul of our venture lies in having a skilled team reinforce each other’s skills. In addition, the boundless passion, energy, and creativity of our team makes our endeavor a true labor of love and sets us apart in the realm of eye care education.

What is the best advice you have gotten from LearnLaunch Accelerator + Fund Team and what would you say to founders that want to join our team?

Every day, here during in person week, as I return to my Airbnb, my mind brimming with practical knowledge and ideas. Among the plethora of valuable advice I’ve received, one particular gem shines the brightest, courtesy of Jean. As an entrepreneur, my mind is a constant whirlwind of new concepts and possibilities — how to implement this, how to introduce that.

Jean’s words resonated deeply — the importance of focus at this critical stage of our growth. Time, she wisely said, is the most precious resource. In the vast expanse of healthcare, a boundless ocean, I realized that for now, our journey can be anchored within eyecare.

Thus, with the wisdom of LearnLaunch guiding us, we embark on this focused path, confident that it will lead us to new heights and meaningful accomplishments. In the realm of healthcare, the power of purposeful concentration reveals itself, and we embrace it with unwavering determination.

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