A four-year degree is no longer the pinnacle of our educational pursuits. In many ways, it’s just the beginning. As the nature of work changes, employers and employees need new ways of gaining the skills required to match the ever-evolving requirements of the modern workplace.

The rise of workforce and continuing education opportunities has been brought about not just by traditional educational institutions, but by startups, communities, and employers themselves. All of these stakeholders recognize the need that so many people have today for continuous upskilling and reskilling so they can keep up with a fast-changing labor market.

In a new blog series, “Workforce Edtech – Leading the Job Skills Revolution,” we spoke to some of the founders and leaders here at LearnLaunch who are filling the gaps in workforce and continuing education, while redefining learning beyond traditional degree programs.  

The companies helmed by these luminaries span many different industries and use cases, from healthcare continuing education, to new assessment technologies for businesses that want to train employees, to platforms that facilitate informal education providers’ offerings.

We asked each leader why there has been such rapid growth in accelerated and alternative continuing education programs, and why startups are such a vital part of that growth. We also learned how each leader is tackling some of the challenges of this field, and what they’re doing to grow their own companies.

Featured in this series are the following standout founders and cofounders:

Tune in every Tuesday for the next six weeks as we release new interviews from our“Workforce Edtech – Leading the Job Skills Revolution” series.

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